Yuengling Lippitt


? 2003 - Sept 12, 2016


Found on the street injured, starving and abandoned, people could count your ribs.
So many issues that the lady at the SPCA wasn't sure you'd work out.  But we knew.
You smiled the moment you saw me, and people said it was like we'd always known each other.
The cats welcomed you, Lord Pan became your mentor and Lionheart and Thor were your buddies.
Always at my side unless I was at the office or the store,
And once I retired you became my partner in everything I did except shopping and doctors.

You made the intro for the podcast, you managed the floor for the videos, and at my side while editing.

Nothing went out without your help.  You earned some well-deserved titles that many would not understand unless they knew.

Then, one day we went downstairs together to do some more work with the computers and the podcast, but suddenly you had trouble breathing.

I rushed you to the doctor, but the doctor who had known you for so long could not save you.

I had the pleasure of your friendship and love for 12 of your 13 years, and I wish it had been more.

Know that you are always welcome wherever I am, and I'm looking forward to seeing you again.

I've had some wonderful dog and cat friends in my life, but none so close, so special, and so complete as you.

Thank you, Pal. 

Yuengling, you made my life.


Hecate, Cerridwen
Dark mother, take us in.
Hecate, Cerridwen
Let us be reborn

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