Tempest Kayne Smith
Born September 16, 1988
Died February 20, 2001

At The Age Of Twelve Years




Tempest Kayne Smith


Sticks and stones may break our bones, but those are wounds that can heal. 
The wounds that come from words sometimes never heal. 
And some people refuse to learn. 

That includes those who should have been your friends, and whose apologies came too late to help you in this life.  Also, those who knew what was happening, did not bother to help, but "expressed regret" at your passing.

You've met the Goddess now, and she has given you a chalice-full of comfort. 

if you've had a chance to meet Yeshua, I'm sure you found that he's not at all like the one that certain people thought that they were serving.  He might have something to say about what was done in his name.   


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