Russell Dunbar Lippitt
January 8, 1913 - April 1, 2005




By Cal Lippitt
In Memory of Russell Dunbar Lippitt
April 1, 2005

Some say that Mom is a childís introduction to angels.
Dad is the childís introduction to The Almighty.
It is true that Mom can fix a cut and kiss the pain away.
But itís Dad who puts things together,
Itís Dad who makes things work like they should,
And itís Dad who fixes that favorite toy when itís broken.

Mom will tell you how to play nice with the other kids,
Dad shows you how deal with the other kids who wonít play nice.
Dad shows you how to throw a ball and how to use a bat.
Mom helps you dress for the first day of school and gets you to the bus.
But itís Dad who makes sense of the math problems you canít grasp.
And Dad is the one who shows how that dull subject can come to life.

Mom tells you to clean your room clean and be polite at the table.
Dad shows you how to find that first job and keep it for as long as you need it.
And Dad is the one who helps you when the world doesnít make sense.
Mom picked you up when you fell down taking your first steps.
Dad made you pick yourself up when life tripped you,
And it was Dad who was proud when you got up, ran, and won.

Mom tells you wonderful stories of things that were or could be.
Dad tells you things from when he was your age,
And those lessons finally sink in as you approach his age
And you find yourself wishing heíd had more to say.
You honor your mom when you have your own home,
But you honor your Dad when you earn that home.

Thanks, Dad. 
I love you.

In Loving Memory
Russell Dunbar Lippitt
January 8, 1913 Ė April 1, 2005

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Hecate, Cerridwen
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