Peggy Augusta Lippitt

July 12, 1921 - June 17, 2008






Two years after the one I knew as Mommy died, Dad brought you into our lives.
You inherited a mixed-up kid with a bunch of issues
And there are many who say you're one of the reasons he turned as well as he did.

When Dad crossed over and you were alone, our house became yours, too.
And you brought a new dimension into our lives.
While others of our generation and the following seem so wrapped up in doing their own thing,
We learned the pride of having generations under one roof.

I know that Dad and Lord Pan were there to meet you, and my mind's eye can see you with Lord Pan beside you again.  And so you didn't leave.  You just went ahead to join others who are waiting for us.

There's more that could be said, but would it be really necessary?  For those who understand, no amount of words is necessary.  For those who do not, no amount of words will suffice.

But please accept these words from a son and a daughter-in-law:

Thanks, Mom.
We love you.

Aidan and Stormy


Hecate, Cerridwen
Dark mother, take us in.
Hecate, Cerridwen
Let us be reborn

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