Lord Pan Lippitt



March 1990 - April 17, 2008


Lord Pan, you were a mixed bobcat, Maine coon and domestic short hair cat, but you were far more than that. You were a family man who protected other cats, "your" dog Yuengling, and Aidan and Lady Stormy as well. You had a purpose and a destiny, but most of all you were a teacher of spiritual paths to those who paid attention. We bless you and celebrate your Being, Life, Mind and Manifestation as Lord Pan. May the Divine welcome you back with the same fervor that you are missed. Bless you Lord Pan, and thank you for all of the gifts you gave us.

We'll see you before you know it, and we know you're never far away.

(adapted from a tribute by Rt Rev John Gilbert in Lord Pan's honor)


Hecate, Cerridwen
Dark mother, take us in.
Hecate, Cerridwen
Let us be reborn

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