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Priesthood Is A State Of Being

An essay by Aidan Odinson detailing priesthood as he sees it, and highly recommended for anyone considering putting themselves into the position of being referred to as Priest, Priestess, or any other form of ordained clergy.

Initially inspired by clergy of a certain Christian denomination who referred to their calling as "jobs", this addresses what is at the very core of a call to priesthood.

Aidan must have said something right here, because Isaac Bonewits cited it in his book on male spirituality, for which he is thanked immensely.

Download it here for your reading enjoyment.

The Law Of One

The Law Of One is one of the most basic teachings offered here. 

An excellent writing on the subject is offered by the Universal Gnostic Fellowship, and we recommend it to everyone interested in the potential of what unity (not unification) can actually be.  You can follow this link to explore that document.

Aidan has written an essay on applying The Law Of One in your daily life, and its many implications.  The implications include a great promise, as well as a threat, of which some folks need to be reminded.  Follow this link to read the essay, and save a copy if you wish.

The Eucharist Of Communion

In Greek, "Eucharist" means a celebration, and this is a celebration of communion with The Divine, regardless of the name or names by which any of us addresses the divine we celebrate.

Written by Aidan Odinson, initially for "The Secrets In Plain Sight" and the occasional rituals of that podcast, and now the standard celebration used in "Mass For The Shut-Out".  In a brick-and-mortar temple, there would probably be copies at people's seats.  Since "Mass For The Shut-Out" has attendees from all over the world, you are welcome to take a copy here, for your use with us, or for your own celebration.

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