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The Secrets In Plain Sight's CafePress Shop  Offering hats, shirts, tote bags and other goodies with logos for The Secrets In Plain Sight, The Wise Ones' Net, and (soon) Uriel's Gifts!  For yourself or for gifts, what a better way to have something distinctive that not only is distinctive, but quietly lets folks know!
Lady Stormy's Barnes & Noble Bookstore at Temple of Gaia  Most of us who visit pages such as this have something in common:  we all love books and can't seem to get enough of the right ones.  Here's a place where you stand a good chance of finding what you're looking for, getting a good deal on it, and helping us, all at the same time!
Lady Stormy's T-Shirt Designs at Spreadshirt Who doesn't have room for one more T-shirt, provided of course that the design and wording are right for you!  Here's the place to find that special T-shirt - or more.
Lady Stormy's AVON Page Avon has a good line of products, not only for women, but also for men.  Aidan particularly recommends their "Black Suede" products for men.  And here, you can order Avon products as if Stormy came to your home.
The Universal Episcopal Church's Gift Shop.  For those who seek in that direction, for those who seek to shed preconceived notions, and for those who seek the kind of fellowship not often found anymore, some special gifts of distinction!

More coming before long!
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More coming before long!