Lord Pan Lippitt


March 1990 - April 17, 2008


To Lady Stormy, you were Number One Son, her special boy.
To Aidan, you were a special friend and companion.
To the four-foot "kids" in the family, you were the dad or the foster-father.
To all who met you, one more reason why there is no such thing as "just a cat", and never will be.
You demanded respect, and you gave respect in exchange.
Plus, you gave each one a special gift of what they most needed.

A crowd gathered to welcome you across the bridge.  It will take a while for you to get through the welcomings.

We'll see you before you know it!  And we know you're not far away.


Hecate, Cerridwen
Dark mother, take us in.
Hecate, Cerridwen
Let us be reborn

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