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Temple of Gaia's main web site The main site, full of good information.

Temple of Gaia's Meeting-Place In Cyberspace:  A virtual meeting-house where we can gather for fellowship.  Join this to join us, but we'll want you to participate.

Aidan's Place In Cyberspace:  From Covenstead Grove and The Grove Union to this - here is the place, including a few features from the old times - and some new, including a chapel with its own memorial garden! 

The Secrets In Plain Sight on Libsyn: The site from which "The Secrets In Plain Sight" goes out to the world.

The Secrets In Plain Sight's Online Store:  We don't "pass the plate," but we do offer some things for sale that you might enjoy.

Universal Gnostic Fellowship  One of the better places for learning, especially for those interested in Gnosticism or the Kaballah.  These folks have proven to be great friends as well.

The Witches Voice  Great one-stop place to visit for what's going on in Wicca and Paganism, no matter where in the world you are.  Add to that the best Wiccan news-gathering available, and you have a place well worth a daily visit.

Proud Pagan Podcasters If you want to find out what's going on, if you want to learn, or if you simply want some appropriately-flavored entertainment, this is the place which can guide you to it!

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