Deloris Emily Hanson Lippitt
July 21, 1912 - May 27, 1959



By Cal Lippitt
In Memory of Deloris Emily Hanson Lippitt
A Tribute Much Later Than It Should Have Been


My earliest memories are of calling you that, and it was the one title and endearment that nobody took over, and so it's yours and yours alone.  And this picture pretty much sums up what I remember. 

Mumps, measles, chicken pox, making sure that I knew how to ride the school bus, and cheering when I discovered that I could actually ride a 2-wheel bicycle without falling over.  Those are some other memories.

And your encouragement.  Sometimes it seemed as if you were the only one who thought that I could ever amount to anything. 

And the gifts you left me, none of which cost a dime, but they proved so priceless over the years.  Including when you told me of our ancestors' spiritual path.  The day came that I went there for comfort when when it seemed that all other doors were closed to me.  And I found comfort there, and there was where I was given strength.  And I give thanks and honor to that to this day.

And I remember the times you told me that someone was leaving here to come and be with you.  It seemed that it was their time, and I'm glad they had you to welcome them. 

And so it seems that even after all these years, you've never been very far away.

Thank you, Mommy. 
Thank you so very much. 
I just wish I could have said it so that your mortal ears could have heard it.
I love you.

Hecate, Cerridwen
Dark mother, take us in.
Hecate, Cerridwen
Let us be reborn

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