Isaac Bonewits
Born October 1, 1949
Died August 12, 2010

Archdruid, Priest, Author, Friend, Inspiration




Philip Emmons Isaac Bonewits


You forged a path when most of us did not even know that there was a place to put a path.  You were a published author on the subject before most of us knew that there was such a subject. 

Your vision went beyond RDNA which you founded and ADF which you led.  And you put out a vision for us that many of us are waiting to see come to be.

And above all, you were a teacher and friend.  You were always prompt in answering your emails, and ready with encouragement.

Two things I know for sure.

One is that I am not the only one who can say such things of you.

The other is that this world has not seen or heard the last of you!

Blessed Be, My Friend!


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